10 Best AI Food Recipe Creators & Meal Planners in 2023


Do you love to try different recipes to make delicious foods? Here are several AI food recipe creators to serve you better. AI recipe makers help you to avoid typical boring dishes created in the old style. So, have big wizard Artificial Intelligence (AI) recipe creator options, enter your favorite ingredients, and tailor something unique and special.

AI food recipe creators offer a new exciting realm in cooking arts. Multiple new food experts with innovative tools are ready to convert the conventional ways of cooking into a new exciting world. Let’s move to the ground-breaking game-changer AI where you will find multiple mouthwatering and customizable recipes.

What is AI Recipe Creator?

AI food creator empowered with machine-learning tools is an innovative addition to culinary technology. The tool offers mouthwatering and customized recipes while using multiple sources i.e. online communities, cooking blogs, recipe books, etc. Avail unique and tasty suggestions, no matter, if you are a home cook, professional cook, vegan, or love mutton, or chicken recipes.


AI Recipe Creator Tools

Use the AI recipe creator tools and get access to limitless dishes while discovering unique tastes.


ChefGPT allows you to get unique recipes based on ingredients available in your pantry. PantryChef, MasterChef, MacrosChef, MealPlanChef mode are the stunning features offered by the AI-powered recipe tool for your ease of creating tasty food within the very short time period.

The tool is available for free and premium subscription plans. You will find 5 monthly Created Recipes, Pantry Chef Mode, Save 5 Recipes in the Cookbook, Save 5 Recipes in the Shopping List, etc in the free basic plane.


Likewise, the Premium Plan is available at $2.99/month with a 7-day free trial to offer you multiple amazing features i.e. Unlimited Created Recipes, PantryChef Mode, MasterChef Mode, MealPlanChef Mode, PairPerfect Mode, Unlimited Cookbook, Unlimited Shopping List, and most exciting all is available without any entry of ads.


SUPERCOOK is another AI-powered food recipe creator with multiple amazing features. Enter your list of ingredients available in your pantry. The free-of-cost tool offers a plethora of tried and tested food recipes that you can make delicious food while using your fridge and cupboard staples i.e. cheese, milk, eggs, etc with a combination of condiments including mustard or chili.


The freeware tool is available for Android devices and offers different ways to discover new and unique recipes on the internet.


AI recipe creator offers multiple new tasty and mouthwatering recipes for your ease. Only pay 0.99€ for an exclusive recipe, forget the conventional type of meals, and say hello to a new era of culinary adventure. Go to the world of culinary variety, and get a limitless supply of tasty and unique meals without reviving any recipe again,.



Another stunning free-of-cost tool that is based on recipes created for the staples of your fridge. Simply types the ingredients in the tool suggestion option, and get a list of tasty recipes using the ingredients in different style.


The interface is simple and easy to use, As soon as you access to main screen, you will find Show All Ingredients, Click it, and you have two options; Quick Kitchen and Detailed Kitchen. Select any and go to the page where you will find different food recipes for the checkbox, Click the box with ingredients available in your fridge, and get a list of meals that you can easily make within a short time.

You can sign in the myfridge.com also, and in case, you are allowed to submit your own recipes as well.


PLANT JAMMER is another inspiring AI-powered food recipe maker to offers services for people who are cooking less or can make a few dishes. It allows such people to get innovative pairing techniques to expand culinary possibilities.


Learn the necessary components of flavor, how to balance your dietary plan, and convert the commonly used ingredients into ground-breaking dishes for your family, or for your customers. Use the ‘Empty your fridge’ feature to manipulate the available ingredients in your fridge.

The innovative AI tool offers three recipe types, whereas, you can get a lifetime license for $10 and enjoy top-notch recipes.


Enhance your kitchen creativity with CROOKED RECIPES CREATOR, as it offers AI-created recipes using some human tweaks. We embed it with multiple interesting algorithms for creating delicious, unique, and innovative recipes that perfectly suit your taste buds.


Avoid your conventional style foods and make some different style food using advanced culinary technology to remove the specific ingredients.


DISHGEN allows users to include or exclude ingredients according to their fidget ingredients and dietary plans. Enter your required ingredients, or type your recipe idea, and the AI-powered tool will create a unique and brand-new recipe for you.


In the food recipe creator, you can also input your diet considerations i.e. paleo, gluten-free, etc. It will give you a fresh and good-looking recipe for your ease.


It is an online platform where users can create, share, and discover AI-created recipes using photos. It is the best choice for people who want new and advanced food recipes with their dietary plan.


Avail one free credit with sign-up, and get access to affiliate programs and promotional codes. It allows you to get extra credits as well. Free credits are available publically, but paid credits are private, and can be shared by the users with other communities.

It offers special algorithms for vegetarians to create stunning food recipes, no matter what type of recipe you want, Japanese or Spanish. It also offers a filter system to enable the users to select everything related to cooking including cuisine type, recipe categories, ingredients needed, and multiple cooking methods.  


It is a combination of AI recipe-making and meal planning. It also enables the users to create food recipes, create meal plans, select ingredients, and add them to the AMAZON shopping basket within a few clicks, and make your purchasing process interesting.



The recipes are created using pictures for your ease of understanding everything. Check the recipe menu of other users, and previously created recipes, and send them to your meal plan for later use.


Currently, you can use it for free, but the developer of the tool is planning to convert it into a sustainable business model. You will get a free and premium version as well.


CHATGPT offers a perfect way of creating food recipes. In fact, it is a user-friendly chatbot for gives the solution to everything you ask for. It also assists you with the amount of diced onions or chicken for creating a special recipe. One of the best AI food creators that can tailor multiple advanced and unique recipes hassle-free.


Final Words

So, friends, we can say AI-powered food recipe creators have revolutionized our cooking style while offering multiple innovative tools for tailoring delicious and mouthwatering recipes for your ease. You can easily get any type of recipe while entering the ingredients available in your fridge or cupboard.


Q: Why we should use a food recipe creator?

It is an easy, simple, and quick way of getting multiple recipes according to the ingredients available in your pantry.

Q: What is the work procedure of an AI recipe creator?

It uses multiple innovative ingredients using the set of ingredients and other elements i.e. cuisine, nutrition, and dietary plans.

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