10 Best ChatGPT Alternatives for 2023- Free & Paid

The best ChatGPT alternatives are listed below for your ease of selecting if you are interested. ChatGPT was launched in 2022 by OpenAI and performed like an advanced AI conversational agent for generating text similar to humans. You can use this chatbot to improve your precise search results, your skills as a human, and your coding.


ChatGPT became popular in a very short time around the world, and because of its use of it, you have to wait for its availability. It is overloaded all the time. So, we need to explore some other ChatGPT alternatives to carry out our work properly.

What are the Reasons for using ChatGPT Alternatives?

Before we dive to our main topic, we will discuss some reasons why we need to use ChatGPT alternatives.

  • It has no real-time data.
  • The delivered information may be incorrect in case of inaccurate data training of it.
  • It doesn’t provide sources, footnotes, or the link from where it gathers information.
  • Lot of data security leakages.
  • It is not fit for an ideal coding workflow.

Best ChatGPT Alternatives

To control the defectiveness of ChatGPT, we have arranged a list of some best ChatGPT alternatives for you to select and use them to complete your wide range tasks. Let’s move to our main topic.

#1 Bing AI

OpenAI launched ChatGPT with support and funding of Microsoft, and next is the Bing AI with a lot of ChatGPT functionalities. GPT-4 as next generation LLM empowers Bing, and it is also more advanced than GPT-3.5 that empowers ChatGPT.


You will receive a query prompt whenever you enter a question and ask for answer, you are asked by the tool, if you want to get an answer in other different way. The integration with Da11-E 2 and a text-to-image LLM enables you to get your solution in text and images.

Valid, up-to-date, code results, and cites sources are the best capabilities offered by this great AI and make it stand out in our list of best ChatGPT alternatives.

You will find sometimes inaccurate or biased information, and multiple throw of prompts can make you frustrated.

#2 Tabnine as ChatGPT Alternatives

It is also one of the best ChatGPT substitutes with capability similar to GitHub Copilot and launches the function of the auto-suggestions of code snippets in an IDE. It was developed by University of WaterlooJacob Jackson is who developed it in Rust.


It works as cross-platform and you can easily run it on IDE, PC, in a cloud, on the server, and of course in an offline position. It offers integration with multiple IDEs including VSCode, Sublime, Vim, Android Studio, etc. the coding with multiple famous programming languages i.e. JavaScript, Python, Typescript, etc is also another innovative ability that makes Tabnine stand out in the list of most adaptable generative AI tools.

The one downside of the AI tool that it has not the ability of recommending the precise code snippets. You can use the free as well as paid version of the tool also. It supports 20 different languages and 15 different editors for your ease.

# 3 Google Bard as ChatGPT Alternatives

Google Bard considered being the big competitor of ChatGPT, as an advanced entry in the world of AI by big giant the Google. It is embedded with PaLM2 model, the Google model language used for research, and offers enhanced functionalities in reasoning, coding, and multilingual capabilities.


It is freeware and enhances your creativity with addition of cited sources. But, in comparison to other ChatGPT alternatives, it is insufficient for analyzing the code, as some code are accurate, but a lot of others need more accuracy.


The integration with other Google products i.e. Google Lens improves the incredibility. Moreover, the coming versions are promising off including multimodality, combining text, and images to your answers. So, we can say, there will be multiple new improvements for you in near future.

# 4 Amazon CodeWhisperer as ChatGPT Alternatives

Amazon offers Amazon CodeWhisperer as the AI coding assistant that is quite similar to GitHub Copilot. A wide range of open-source code and code hosted are there on Amazon servers to train developers of Code Whisperer to us coding recommendations, security checks, etc to improve their coding quality and efficiency.


Coding recommendations is the best feature that helps the developers in different ways i.e. code snippets analyzing, optimize coding via suggestions, enhance readability, code writing clearer while the time and energy.

It is integrated with IDEs including JupyterLab, VS Code, and PyCharm, and also the programming languages i.e. Python, Java, and JavaScript with freeware services around the world. Soon as, it is connected with an IDE, it will start giving authentic suggestion along with sources citations after examining the context of your question, in comparison to GitHub, it offers support for a small range of programming languages and integrating services are also limited.

# 5 ChatSonic as ChatGPT Alternatives

ChatSonic is a strong alternative of ChatGPT and empower with GPT-4 and Google Search while offering up-to-date information, multimodality, and avatar-based customized answers. Avail the capability of running multiple coding tests, and simple explanations for issues related to codes.


It offers a free version with some limitations such as you can get 10.000 words in one month, so you can get extra potential while moving to a paid version. The downside of it is that, it is slow to offer your answers, and doesn’t effective after 3-4 inputs.

#6 GitHub Pilot as ChatGPT Alternatives

GitHub is a powerful AI tool for writing better code and make it understandable for users. It is GitHub’s presentation and empowers with GPT-3 and OpenAI technology. It is not a direct substitute of ChatGPT, as it is used for writing codes and not for generating the conversation.


Avail auto-completes using machine learning for your context-based including comments, variable names, and the code creation. As a code editor, you can use it as extension with support of multiple programming languages i.e. JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Go, etc.

Copilot X is the latest version of GitHub empowers with GHT-4 model and introducing a lot of advanced features such as AI chat assistance, pulls request support, test generation, and built-in CLI. All the structure is working via IDE.


The downside of the AI tool is that it doesn’t offer to the point coding suggestions, so you have to face a little difficulty to understand it.

It offers a free version for the people who use it as open-source projects, whereas you can avail 30-days free trial version, and next to purchase a subscription plan, if you are satisfied with it.

# 7 OpenAI Playground as ChatGPT Alternatives

OpenAI Playground is developed by OpenAI with use-friendly interface offers real-time outputs of the questions asked by users. We can say it a demo version of ChatGPT while offering a neural network that is larger than ChatGPT.


It is the best option for developers, as it allows you to test the AI functions before you integrate them with your website or applications. You also capable of adjusting the model type, frequency penalty, token count, loading presets, etc and control the randomness of the generating content.


It is also a paid version; you can get a free trial version with $18 that will be expired after 3 months.

#8 AskCodi as ChatGPT Alternatives

AskCodi another OpenAI production used for assisting the programmers to generate code while offering several programs for the purpose. It can integrate with all parts of software developments. It has different sections divided into frontend use, backend use, code documentation, explanation, testing etc for addressing the different issues including frontend syntax, test cases, SQL, and NoSQL database queries.


It supports multiple frameworks and programming languages i.e. JavaScript, LUA, etc. you can get 100 free tokens per month for one prompt, and if you need some extra, you have to move the subscription plan.

# 9 Jasper AI

Developed Jasper AI is the best choice for SEO developers, or any other related field. It is develop by Jasper as a conversational AI tool for helping the users in different ways i.e. blog articles writing, title ideas brainstorming, email editing, and even write a letter to your loved ones.


LLM the Google language model empowers it while offering multiple AI technologies i.e. GPT-4, Claude, and other Google’s models. Within a few seconds, you can get a complete and precise of your query and high-quality templates are there to use for 50 different cases. And the big advantage of it is that you can get it any of your favorite language, as it supports 30 languages.

# 10 GPT- 4

GPT-4 is another OpenAI development as the upgraded version of GPT-3.5, and developed by the developers behind ChatGPT. It is quick and simple to create human-like content, recognize images content, and follow the commands more accurately.


Unlike the human effort, it takes only two minutes to solve any issue or writing a code. You will find multiple innovative functions such as changing of complicated content into simple and smooth design, website functioning, quick code debugging, and code snippets analyzing.  

It has not any free version, so you need to purchase the subscription plan with $20 per month.

Bottom Lines

So-friends, it is clear, ChatGPT is an undisputed AI tool with multiple advanced features. It has revolutionized the AI world while offering new ideas, quick responses, and enrich content with cite sources. But, if you are not satisfied with ChatGPT and want something different, there are some best alternatives for your ease. You can select any as we try to discuss some best substitute for ChatGPT.  


Q: What AI tool is the best substitute for ChatGPT for coding?

Google Bard is the best substitute for ChatGPT as it empowers with the latest Google model language PaLM2 to offer great functionality in reasoning, coding, and multilingual abilities.

Q: Is ChatGPT the first choice of programmers?

Yes, programmers prefer ChatGPT to get the better results.

Q: Which country is leading the AI technology?

According to the analysis of investment innovation and implementation research by media companies the United States has a score of 100.

Q: Can I get ChatGPT for free?

Go to chat.openai.com and sign up using your Google or Microsoft account, and log in to OpenAI website for free.

Q: What are the best ChatGPT alternatives?

Bing AI
Google Bard
Tabnine ChatSonic
Amazon CodeWhisperer
Jasper AI
GitHub AI

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