8 Free Expense Tracking Worksheet Templates Excel

Expense Tracking Worksheet Templates Excel is a possible quick way to manage your expenses according to your requirements. Excel offers spreadsheets containing columns, rows, headers, formulas, and styles for your ease of creating smart budget plans.


Are you also in search of a proper way to handle your income and savings? You are in the right place, as we will guide you on how to use the pre-built templates for free. We know the Accounts department is an important part of any company, and there are a lot of employees to manage the accounts of the specific company.

In our post, we will discuss it as an individual how we can manage our daily, monthly, or yearly budget plans. 

How to Use Free Expense Tracking Worksheet Templates Excel

First, you need to download and install the integrated version of Microsoft Excel on your system. Several pre-built templates are available on the main screen of the app, and if you want some extra, you can download templates by following the given steps;

  • Select your required template and download it from any authentic source.
  • Open the template in Excel by clicking the downloaded file that ends with .xlsx or .dotx extension.
  • The templates will be opened in Excel, and you are ready to use it, or customize it if you require.
  • Press Ctrl + S to save your template.

Best Ways to Use Free Expense Tracking Worksheet Templates Excel

Monthly Expense Tracking Worksheet Templates Excel

The template is user-friendly, so no need for any customizing. Simply record your monthly expenses and find their sum after a year. You can compare your monthly income with your monthly expense in both ways i.e. projected and actual income with projected and actual expense.


Several expense headers on spreadsheets help you to control your monthly household such as housing budget, transportation, insurance, food, and other such things. Multiple subcategories are also there for customizing, and saving a copy of your template on OneDrive is also possible.

Basic Personal Expense Tracking Worksheet Templates Excel

It is the best tool for creating your yearly budget plan while analyzing your yearly income and expenses. It helps you to manage your income and expenses in a way to complete a small project. It helps you to analyze the previous year’s transactions apply it for the ongoing year and learn some proper ways to cost-cutting for some areas.


It is free to download template that you can use offline and online in both ways. Simply, insert your expenses in the Expense tab and incomes in the Summary tab. It will display all of the details of incomes in the Summary tab.

Monthly College Expense Tracking Worksheet Templates Excel

If you are a student or parents of college-going child, it is the best template available on Excel. It will guide you properly on how to manage your expenses and income while avoiding distractions. It can be stored on OneDrive for later use or printout.


The template can be shared between children and parents for better management. Have fun while using graphs, Sparklines, and slick sliders offered from the template.

Advanced Expense Tracking Worksheet Templates Excel

Create a spreadsheet for a long timeframe with a combination of your net worth and expenses as well. Hack Your Wealth offers this type of template for your ease, as the template helps in tracking your worth and expense for up to eight years, including formulae for determining the mortgage equity, tax rate, and investments.


Wedding Expense Tracking Worksheet Templates Excel

Wedding is an important part of anyone’s life, so we have to plan it long before the pleasant time. Excel template has made this complicated planning easy and reliable. Here you can manage everything related to the wedding ceremony i.e. guests, catering, place, wedding date, etc.


The template offers table colors and fonts for customizing the wedding planners with the theme of the wedding. Here you can also be alert if you are going to up or down from wedding expenses.

Personal Expense Tracking Worksheet Templates Excel

You can create your personal budget plan while mentioning your monthly income and expenses at work and home. You can store a copy of the template in OneDrive for accessing via any of your devices. It is the best choice for users who want to create a one-page template for a quick view. It is also equipped with smart formulas for summing up your income into months or years.


Manage My Money

It is also one of the best solutions specifically for enhancing your saving plans. You simply need to enter your income in the Monthly Income Tab and enter your expense in the Monthly Expense Workspace, and a complete result. Here you can analyze your income, expenses, and savings via a Pie chart with a 360° view of transactions on your dashboard for your ease.


Vacation Expense Tracking Worksheet Templates Excel

Enjoy your vacation while traveling to any of your favorite locations within the expense you have to decide, or you can afford. The vacation expense budget template offers all common headers for traveling including airfare, lodging, transportation, and so on.


You can use it easily, as it is divided into two tables i.e. broad categories including transportation, lodging, etc, and the other including subcategories.

Bottom Lines

So friends, with a little effort we can manage our income and expense properly. It is an easy way to create your required templates on Excel worksheets and handle your monthly income and expenses without any complications. You can plan for your future use i.e. wedding, education, traveling, etc.


Q: Is it possible to use the templates with different Excel versions?

Yes, the templates are compatible with all types of Excel versions, but you need to consider some other compatibility i.e. file format, features, visual differences, formulas, etc.

Q:  How to create an expense tracker in Excel?

You will find multiple built-in templates in Excel for managing your income and expenses. To use a template follow the given steps;
Go to the File menu, and click on the ‘New’ option.
Select the Templates option, and hit the Tacking tile.
Click on Expense and you are ready to create your expense worksheet.

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