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Google Play Store for PC have Millions of Apps Download and Run on Big Screen

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Google Play Store is the big giant of delivering content for safe downloading. It is basically an Android app store and offers a completely safe process for your device to get any type of content i.e. apps, eBooks, movies, games, and so on. But, now most of the developers are trying to develop their apps for multiple devices. If not the official developers, then third-party developers are experiencing such efforts to give the users chances to use different wizards such as V-Appstore, PC Appstore,etc for multiple devices.

The above description creates a question in our mind, is there any version of the Google Play Store available for PC or not? Are you interested in using the app for the big screen? The answer is yes, you can use the app for your PC, Mac, Tablet, or any other digital device. The Google Play Store for PC gives users access to the content of Android devices and download them for their PC. 

What is Google Play Store?

Google Play Store or commonly known as Play Store, is an Android app that offers a digital distribution service for downloading free as well as paid digital material i.e. applications, eBooks, games, and so on. It is an official app developed by Google, but you can use it for your PC using several methods. The Play Store for PC offers complete details of applications such as descriptions about the developer, images, app’s rating, comments, and some reviews also along with pictures of the app. this description enables you to download the app or game to refresh your content or stay with your predecessor. 

In addition, you can also benefit from some extra material along with apps i.e. Google Play Books, and so on. You can select the apps list for future use. Now the question arises in our mind, how can we use Google Play Store for PC? We will give the answer by giving complete detail of downloading and usage of the app on your PC. Please read the complete article to get rid of any complications while using the app for your PC.  


Features of Google Play Store for PC

Tremendous Catalog

The app is the easiest and safest way of getting access to a large content such as games, applications, eBooks, music, movies, live TV Shows, and a lot of others. The great catalog for media content can be easily downloaded and installed and rightly stored in your device’s storage. The fantastic search engine very quickly filters the content you are searching for and gives fast access with fool-proof security.

Simple Interface

The intuitive and stylish interface with an easy navigation process makes your search process easy and fast. You can easily find the content you want by typing a few keywords in the search box and having related choices to select your preferred one. The dark mode is also available to save your eyesight from any unbearable experience. 

Multiple Payment Methods

It supports several payment methods for the easiness of users. You can pay using your credit or debit cards, Google Play Balance, Mobile phone billing, Google Play gift cards, PayPal, and so on. The entire purchasing process is fool-proof and simple to apply. 

Google Play Pass

Google Play Pass is another fantastic feature to make your subscription process easy. You easily access your favorite apps and games while avoiding advertisements, in-app purchases, etc. you also are capable of collecting high-quality titles with sharing the ability with other family members. 

Google Play Points

The app offers several programs to engage users with their ecosystem. Google Play Points is one of them that offers different rewards for purchasing apps, in-app content, and even using free apps and games. The points are easily redeemed into Google Play Credit or the items offered by the developers. It is wonderful to offer that is fruitful for both the users and the developers. 

Reliable & Profitable

You can avail a lot of advantages from the app as it offers multiple approved games and apps for your children. It offers chances for developers to upload their games or apps to get worldwide fame as well as reasonable revenue. You can help the developers to manage and performance of apps. 

Detailed Information

Whatever app or game you want to download is available on the store including complete information. It will enable you to decide what to do, download it, or not. You will find the author description, developer, ratings, size, images, official site, comments, version number, and so on. You will find everything related to content including free apps, paid apps, and auto-updating process. 

Play Games

Games may be the foremost reason for downloading Google Play Store on the big screen. Because playing games on the big screen is a fantastic experience. You will find highlighted gaming portions for ongoing as well as multiplayer gaming capacities. The highlights are different such as cloud spares, social and open leaderboards, and accomplishments. 

Digital Books

The great variety of eBooks with advanced distributive administration is highlighted with five large categories of digital books. You are capable of getting 1,000 books as PDF or EPUB document groups. 

Fast Downloading:

Download any app fastest with any download rate limit restriction.

Safe & Secure:

All Apps are Secure and Virus Free. Because When any user uploads new apps or upgrades apps that have already been uploaded on the google play store. Then Google Checks all apps manually then after verification Apps will be published.

Apps Compatibility:

Apps Compatibility is more important for user systems. google play store shows you only apps which compatibility with your devices.

Automatic Scanning:

Its have an option for an automatic scan of already installed applications. if any application has a new version update and you already set the option on. then it updates your app automatically.


How to Download and Install Google Play Store for PC?

The installation of Google Play Store on PC saves us from multiple complexities such as old devices can easily be attacked by cyber during the installation of apps, it creates different issues as we have to face multiple irritating ads. But, the app on PC helps to get rid of such and a lot of other issues. Similarly, you can get access to any app using the personal information used by Play Store and transfer your data to your cloud storage easily.  

Step 1: Emulator Installation

Firstly install your emulator file. it’s very easy you only run “.exe” Files and follow the step which shows in setup windows.

Step 2: Open Your Emulator

When Emulator Fully install. Then its show icon on your desktop named “BlueStacks”. Just click on it and open your Emulator. Firstly you can configure the emulator setting which you want.

Step 3: Install the Google Play Store

After Emulator opens you can easily install google play store on your pc computer. for it, in download zip file you can see the “.apk” file. just open in your emulator its install automatically on your emulator.

Now your Google Play Store Ready on your pc windows. So you can install any Android App your system.


Methods of Downloading the app on a PC

We will discuss the several methods of downloading the app for PC. The main methods are;

  1. Download Google Play Store using BlueStacks
  2. Download Google Play Store using SD Card
  3. Download Google Play Store using NOX Android Emulator

Method1: Download Google Play Store using BlueStacks

BlueStacks is the best option for an exclusive to download the app for PC for running the apps and games on the big screen. It offers superior portable games for PC while pressing with multiple additional features to enhance your gaming experience. It is one of the most used apps around the world with simple instructions for completing the process.

  • Download and install the BlueStacks on your device from any authentic website.
  • Launch the emulator using your Google Account.
  • Go to the main screen and search for Google Play Store from the search bar.
  • Tap on the ‘Enter’ button, enter the app name, and tap on to the ‘Install’ button.
  • You are ready to use the app for your PC.
  •  You can tweak default controls also. 

Method2: Download Google Play Store Using SD Card

SD Card is also an easy and simple way of using your Android apps on your big screen. Simply install your preferred apps to your Android device, send them to your SD card, and next transfer the apps to your PC. You can use multiple third-party apps for exchanging data between your device and SD Card such as App Monster, Titanium Backup, and File Expert. The method is limited to one version as it has not any updating or upgrading process. Using these apps, you can send data to any outer storage device such as SD Card, USB, SMB, or even Cloud Storage. 

Method3: Download Google Play Store using NOX Player

  • Download and install the NOX Player from any authentic website.
  • Launch the app, and log in using your Google Account.
  • Go to the main screen, and type the name of the required app in the search box.
  • Hit the ‘Install’ button and simply get the app for your PC. 


  • Free of charge
  • Use free as well as paid apps
  • Unlimited apps and games are available
  • Share with your family


  • Google music can’t be shared with family


How can I use Google Play Store on my PC?

Yes, you can use the app on your PC using an emulator such as BlueStacks.

Is Google Play Store compatible with Windows?

Yes, it is compatible with all types of Windows including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, and so on.

Is Google Play Store for PC free?

The Google Play Store for PC is 100% free. It requires only an emulator for downloading.

Is it safe?

The app is officially developed by Google and the entire content on it is checked by Google. You can use it reliably without any entry of malicious content. 

How can I download the latest version of the Google Play Store for PC?

You can download it from our site PCPlayStore click to download the blue button. 

Final Words

We hope you understand well the entire process of downloading the Google Play Store for your PC. Simply follow the guide and get the app for a big screen to enjoy limitless features including eBooks, apps, games, and so on. 

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