How to Clear Cookies on iPhone-8 quicker ways

Clear cookies on iPhone is an important element of your device, as it manages the privacy and security of the device, and maintains the personal online information of users. Cookies are the important files stored on your website for keeping your browsing safe.


We can save information about our visits, shopping, and other activities via cookies, but after some time, we need to clear the cookies and other browsing history for the sake of our device. It is necessary especially, in case of creating issues with your browser, or low storage on your device.

Why do we need to Clear Cookies?

Here are some reasons that can cause removing the cookies from our device;

  • Some advanced hacking tools used by hackers can steal your login or credential data via stored cookies. It can be risky for your device.
  • Cookies can be vulnerable to attacks that can damage your security.
  • Outdated cookies can bog down your browser and slow down the performance.

How to Clear Cookies on iPhone

Here, we will discuss different methods to fix the issue ‘how to clear cookies on iPhone’

Method 1: Clear Cookies on iPhone/iPad

Unlock your iPhone/iPad, and head to the Settings app.

Open Safari’s Settings by scrolling down in the left panel.

Click on the Clear History and Website Data option.


Confirm your decision by clicking on the ‘Clear’ option.

Method 2: Clear Cookies from a Specific Website

If you have concerns with any exclusive site, you can clear cookies by following the given steps;

Select ‘Advanced option from Safari’s Settings.

Open the list of Websites by clicking on the Website Data.


Select the site from the list, otherwise, click on the Show All Websites option to select your required site.

Click on the Delete option on the left side to remove the data from the site.


Method 3: Turn Off Cookies on the iPhone

You can turn off cookies to prevent their all-time interaction. Follow the given steps:

Unlock your device, and head to the Settings app.

Click on the Block All Cookies option.


Method 4: Clear Cookies from Chrome for iPhone

If you are using Google Chrome as your iPhone/iPad browser. You can clear cookies by following the given steps;

Unlock your device, and launch the Chrome browser.

Click on the ‘More option, and select Settings app.

Click on the Privacy & Security option to select the Clear Browsing Data.


Check Cookies and Site Data, and uncheck other items.

Click on the Clear Browsing Data, and click it again to confirm.

Finally, hit the ‘Done button.

Method 5: Clear iPhone Call History

Unlock your iPhone, and head to the Phone app.

Click on the ‘Recent’ tab to open the list of calls you have received and made.

Click on the Edit option from the top right corner.


You can delete all entries by clicking on the ‘Clear’ option. Or delete selected calls by clicking the red minus sign next to each call log.


Method 6: Clear iPhone Message History

Unlock your iPhone, and head to the iPhone Message app.

Click on the Edit option from the top right corner.


A pop-up menu will appear, click on the Select Messages.


You can select the conversation for deletion by clicking the checkbox next to every chat.

Click on the Delete option.

In case of signing in to other devices i.e. iPad or Mac, you can clear your iMessage history using your same Apple ID.


Method 7: Clear Siri History & Data

Unlock your iPhone, and head to the Settings app.

Scroll down and select the Siri & Search option.

Click on the Siri & Dictation History from the bottom of the screen.

Click on the Delete Siri & Dictation History option.


Method 8: Clear Keyboard Autocorrect History

Unlock your iPhone, and head to the Settings app.

Click on the General tab to open the list of general iPhone Options.


Select Transfer or Reset iPhone.


You are directed to the reset page.

Click on the Reset option to open several reset options.

Click on the Reset Keyboard Dictation, and a pop-up appear to confirm your decision.

Click the ‘Yes’ option and all of your saved custom words and shortcuts will be deleted.

Bottom Lines

So, friends, we hope you have understood the entire process of how to clear cookies on iPhone/iPad. It is quite easy if you want to. Because cookies as tiny files perform multiple tasks for the security of our browsing. But, if you feel any issue with the performance of your device; you can delete cookies to fix the issue.


Q: How can I prevent cookies?

You can prevent cookies from accessing your iPhone by blocking them from the Settings app. Simply tap on Settings > Safari > Block All Cookies.

Q: At what time should we clear cookies?

You need to clear cookies for the best performance and streamlined. It is better to clear cookies within a month, and clear them while doing the following tasks on your device such as online shopping, log-out time, and feeling any issues while opening a site.

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