How to Fix Android Auto Not Working Quicker Solutions

Android Auto not working is a common complaint by the users, especially after the recent update. As we know Auto is the best option of giving us a pleasant Android experience during driving. It allows you to enjoy your favorite playlist, use Google Maps to guide the way, or even send quick text, etc.


Everything is ok with Android Auto, but what do in case of Android Auto isn’t working? You can quickly reset it with a quick restart of your mobile and the software of the car dashboard. If nothing progresses, you need to use some other fixes. In our post, we will we will discuss some common key factors that can create problems in Android Auto, and some authentic methods to sort out this extensive issue.

Why is Android Auto Not Working? Some common Reasons;

  • The connection between car and mobile is poor.
  • The application may be corrupted, frozen, or wrongly launched.
  • The connection of Android Auto is not connected to the correct car.
  • Cluttered app cache and faulty software settings.
  • Faulty USB cable.
  • Required permissions are missing.

How to Fix Android Auto Not Working

Now, we move to our main topic and try to help you in fixing of Android Auto not working issues with the help of some authentic methods.

Method 1: Restart your Android and car System to Fix Android Auto Not Working

It is the simple and basic procedure to fix any issue, simply a quick restart can sort out the issue. Follow the given steps;

Press the Power button and hold it down, until the Restart option appears on the screen, click it, and wait for a successful restart.


Likewise, restart your car’s ignition, and reconnect to Android Auto.

Method2: Check the Car Compatibility to Fix Android Auto Not Working

The compatibility of the car with Android Auto is the necessary part, if your car and infotainment system are incompatible with Android Auto, you are unable to connect them properly. Simply click on link and go to the page to check, if your car model is supported by Android Auto or not. 


Method 3: Clear App Cache to Fix Android Auto Not Working

The clearing of the app cache and restarting the app is also the basic trick to sort out the issue. Follow the given steps;

Open your device, and head to the Settings app.

Click on the Apps option and select Android Auto

Select Storage and click on the Clear Cache


Click the OK button for the alert that informs you about deleting all of your customizations.

You have to set it again on the next use of the app.

Method 4: Check the USB Connection to Fix Android Auto Not Working

Commonly faulty connections can create Android Auto not starting issues, so you need to check, if the connection between your car and device is correct or not. You need to check whether the USB and port are in a proper way or not.


Method: 5 Manually Connect Phone to Car to Fix Android Auto isn’t Found

Sort out the Android Auto isn’t recognizing the issue by manually connecting it. Follow the given steps;

Open your device, and head to the Settings app.

Click on the Device Connectivity option.


Open the Bluetooth Option.


Locate your car name from the list, and click on the Settings icon.

Disable the Bluetooth connection, and toggle to enable it again.


Method 6: Disable Background Processes to Fix Android Auto Not Working

We know, in our device multiple applications are running in the background which can cause multiple technical issues. You can resolve the issue by disabling these issues. Follow the given steps;

Open your device, and head to the Settings app.

Click on the System tab to open it.

Click on the Developer option, and navigate to the Apps section.


Select the Background process, and click to limit it.


Click on the ‘At most 2 processes’ option, and exit the window.


Method 7: Allow Permissions for Application to Fix Android Auto Not Working

Disabling of Permissions option can also create conflict between your Car and Android Auto. You need to enable the option by following the given steps;

Open your device, and head to the Settings app.


Click on the Apps option and select Android Auto.


Select the ‘Permission’ option from the Android Auto.


Toggle to ON the option for the permission that is necessary to be granted.

Method 8: Update Device & Android Auto App to Fix Android Auto Not Working

Outdated apps and devices are the most common reasons for creating incompatibility issues ‘Android Auto isn’t starting’, so you need to update your device and Android Auto to the latest version.

Open your device, and launch the Play Store app.

Tap on the Profile icon and navigate to Manage Apps and Devices.

Check if any latest update is available by clicking on the Updates available option.

Click on the Update option and install it for your device.


Now you need to update your Android OS by following the given steps;

Open your device, and head to the Settings app.

Select the Software Update option.

Check if any Software update is available.

Click on the Download button, if it is available


Method 9: Uninstall and re-install the Android Auto App

If nothing to progress with any of the above methods, you can finally use the uninstalling and reinstalling process. Follow the given steps;

Open your device, and head to the Settings app.


Click on the Apps option and select Android Auto.


Select the Uninstall option from the Android Auto.


A pop-up will appear on the screen, simply click the OK button for the pop-up.

Launch the Google Play Store and download the app again.


Method 10: Use the Android Repair Tool to Fix Android Won’t Connect

You can use Android Repair software to sort out multiple technical issues i.e. Android Auto stopped working. The tool is compatible with Windows only.

Simply go to link and download the tool on your PC.

Launch the tool, click on ‘System Repair’, and connect your Android device to your PC using a USB cable.

Click on the Android Repair option.

Select the information related to your phone i.e. brand, model, country, carrier, etc.

Click on the Next button to confirm the warning ‘The tool may delete your data’ and type ‘000000’.

Follow the on-screen instructions to boot your device, and click on the Next option for downloading the firmware.

After completing the download process, the tool will start the auto-repairing process for your device.

Click the ‘Done’ option and remove your device.

Bottom Lines

All-in-all, Android Auto not working is one of the complicated issues that can irritate us, but with a little effort, we can sort out it, as it is not rocket science. You need to select any method we aforementioned and try to fix the issue easily.


Q: Is Android Auto an app?

Yes, it is an app, and you can download it from the Google Play Store.

Q: Is it possible to run Android Auto on any car?

No, you need a car model compatible with Android Auto.

Q: Why did Android Auto stop working?

The basic reason for the issue is the poor connection between your can and your device, or an outdated device is also the reason of this issue.

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