How to install and fix Bluetooth drivers in Windows 10 Best Ways

Do you want to learn how to install and fix Bluetooth drivers on Windows 10? First, let us explain what Bluetooth is. Bluetooth is the best wireless pairing option for multiple devices on Windows 10/11. It is necessary to keep Bluetooth drivers up-to-date so they work properly to connect everything from earphones to speakers. The drawback of Bluetooth is that it can create security issues and drain the battery. It is better to turn it off on Windows 10/11 if doesn’t work position.


We need updated Bluetooth drivers to right connect with the right devices. The faulty drivers create an irritating situation as a lot of users have complained about it. Are you also searching for authentic ways of installing and updating the Bluetooth drivers? You are in the right place, we will guide you properly, keep reading our article.  

Common Errors of Bluetooth Drivers

Most commonly, you receive the notification of Bluetooth device not found, verify the connection, and turn on the position of Bluetooth. In case of pairing issue, the notification will be ‘Bluetooth cannot start, Hardware not found.

The configuration of the device isn’t correct; it means the Bluetooth Driver isn’t installed or missing.

The driver of Bluetooth is outdated, so the device can’t be turned on.

How to fix the ‘Install and Fix Bluetooth Drivers’ issues

Now we will discuss some simple but authentic methods to fix the issues related to Bluetooth drivers;

Method 1: Turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10/11

Open your PC, and click on Action Center from the bottom right corner of Taskbar.

You are directed to Settings and App Notification icons.

Select the Bluetooth icon and click to turn it off/on, if it is in blue color, it means, it is ON.


In case of not finding the Bluetooth icon in Action Center, click on All Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices from the left pane.

Turn on/off by toggling the Bluetooth slider.

Method 2: Use Device Manager to Update Bluetooth Driver

You need to follow the given steps to locate the missing Bluetooth icon and update the Bluetooth driver using Device Manager.

Open your PC, click the Start button, and type Device Manager in the search bar.


Click on Bluetooth from the drop-down menu.

Tap to Uninstall button to uninstall the device.


Select the Power and Restart option from the Start menu.

The Windows will restart, and start to reinstall the driver.

Go back to the Start menu, select Device Manager to click on Scan for hardware changes.


Wait, if the detecting or reinstalling of Bluetooth drivers started by the Windows.

You can select the most recent drivers related to your device by visiting the device’s manufacturer’s website

If nothing progresses you need to go for the next step.

Method 3: Manually Update Bluetooth Driver

Go to the official website of the device’s manufacturer to download the .exe file including A.inf and a.sys extension.

Open the Windows Start menu, and select Device Manager.


Select Properties while right-clicking the Bluetooth device.


Open the Details tab, and select Hardware IDs from the Property menu.

Locate the Hardware identification number in Value that should be in format USB numerical.


Copy the Value. You can check the hardware ID value on the internet.

Select a driver compatible with Windows 10/11 and click to install it.

 Select Device Manager and tap ‘Browse my computer for driver software.


On prompting the driver, navigate to the file’s destination.

Method 4: Use SFC Scan to fix the issue

System File Cracker or SFC is the in-built feature of Windows 10. It is also the best solution to fix faulty or corrupted issues related to hardware. You need to follow the given steps;

Press Windows + R to open the dialog box.

Type cmd in the dialog box, and press CTRL + SHIFT + Enter keys using your keyboard.

Click Run as Administrator, soon as the Command Prompt opens, and type the following command;


Sfc/ scannow, hit Enter key.


Wait for completing the SFC scanning process, it will detect and repair the issue automatically.

Method 5: Run Windows Update

Update your Windows to fix multiple issues such as Bluetooth driver updating. Follow the given steps;

Press Windows + 1 to go to Windows Settings.

A drop-down menu will appear to select Update & Security option.


Click on Check for Updates from the right pane.

If any latest update is available on Windows, it will install automatically.

Method 6: Run Troubleshooter of Windows Bluetooth

Built-in troubleshooter on Windows 10 offers auto-detecting of problems. Simply follow the given steps;

 Press Windows + 1 to go to Windows Settings.

A drop-down menu will appear to select Update & Security option.

Select on Troubleshoot option from the left pane.


Locate Bluetooth while scrolling –down, and click ‘Run Troubleshooter’ while selecting it from the drop-down menu.


Wait for completing the auto-scanning and repairing process.

Method 7: Auto-updating of Bluetooth Drivers

You can use third-party tools such as Driver Easy for updating the Bluetooth drivers automatically. Follow the given steps;

Download and install Driver Easy on your PC.

Launch the software, and go to the main screen.

Click Scan Now option to start the scanning process.


Next, click on Update All option to download and install the most recent drivers on your Windows 10.

Method 8: Enable Bluetooth Support Service

Disabled Bluetooth support service is also the reason for the incorrect connection of Bluetooth. So you need to enable it from the Bluetooth Settings. Follow the given steps;

Press Windows + R to open the dialog box.

Type service.msc in the dialog box.


Select Bluetooth Support Service from the drop-down menu.

From the Startup list from service click on General > Start > Automatic.


Click on the Local System account by selecting the Log On tab.

Tap to OK button, and restart your PC.

Method 9: Clear Malware or Viruses to Install and Fix Bluetooth Drivers on Windows 10

Malware and viruses also create difficulties in Bluetooth. You can fix the issue by starting Windows in safe mode, or using antivirus or anti-malware software by following the given steps;

Press Windows + 1 to go to Windows Settings.

A drop-down menu will appear to select Update & Security option.

Click on the Windows Defender option, and select Virus and Threat Protection.


Click on Quick Scan

Tap on Advanced Scan from the Windows Security Center to select your required scan from available scans i.e. a complete, a custom, or an offline scan.


Restart your PC.

Method 10: Turn on Bluetooth in BIOS to Install and Fix Bluetooth Drivers on Windows 10

Check your Bluetooth is enabled in BIOS by following the given steps;

Shut down your PC, click the Power button to start the PC, and enter BIOS mode using the BIOS key.

Click on Advanced > Devices Onboard Devices, and enable Bluetooth.

Click to Save Changes and press F10 to exit BIOS.

Restart your PC.

Method 11: Turn off Airplane Mode

Go to Settings using your Start menu.

 Click on Network & Internet from the Settings menu.

Toggle to Airplane mode and turn it off.


Method 12: Enable Bluetooth Audio

You need to enable Bluetooth audio for different devices by following the given steps;

Ensure audio devices are on.

Go to Settings, and click on Devices > Bluetooth & other devices > Turn on Bluetooth.


Select ‘Add Bluetooth or other devices, select the device, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Click on the ‘Done’ option.

Final Words

So, friends, we know Bluetooth is an important part of PC, and with little issue, it can create critical issues. So you can fix any type of issue related to your Windows 10 by following the given steps aforementioned.


Q: How can I reinstall the Bluetooth driver?

Uninstall the drivers, reboot your PC, and reinstall the Bluetooth driver by navigating to Windows 10 Settings app > Update & Security > Windows Update page, and clicking on the Check for Updates button.

Q: Why Bluetooth is not working?

Reboot your device and turn on Bluetooth from the Control Center.

Q: Can I fix my Bluetooth using a factory reset?

Factory resetting is the best solution to fix connection issues.

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