How to Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone 8 Quick Ways


Have you erased photos by mistake from your iPhone? Or you have to face the big loss of deleting your most important photos in case of an iPhone’s crashes. No doubt, most of our phone’s storage consists of photos and videos, some of them are important, but the big part is unnecessary. We need to delete the unnecessary photos to boost the performance. Sometimes, in a hurry, or accidentally, our important photos are deleted, and we want to restore them but don’t know, how to recover them.

In the post, we will discuss some simple but authentic ways to restore deleted photos from your iPhone, no matter what type of version you are using. So follow the guide and restore you’re recently as well as permanently deleted photos on your iPhone.

How to Restore the Deleted Photos on an iPhone

We are going to describe a list of some methods to restore your photos with ease.

Method 1: Use the Recently Deleted Option to Restore Photos on iPhone

As soon as we capture a photo, it goes to our picture library. Your photos go to the Recently Deleted folder, if your deleted them accidentally, or some other reason. It is the first trick to recover your photos by following some simple steps;

Open your device, and go to Photos App.


Select the Album tab from the bottom of the screen.

Click on Recently Deleted while scrolling down to the Utilities section.

The Recently Deleted folder is locked by default in the latest versions of iPhone.


Use your Face ID or Touch ID to unlock the Album.

Select your required Photos & videos by clicking on the Select tab to restore your photos.

Click Recover Photo by selecting the Recover option from the bottom right of the screen.

Check your Photo Library, the photos will be recovered.

Method 2: Use iPhone Backup to Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone

You can retrieve your deleted photos using the backup option on your iPhone. The idea of keeping multiple backups is better, especially in case something is wrong with the main backup. Follow the given steps

Open your device, and launch the Finder app.


Connect your iPhone and PC.

Click on the locations list from the left to select your iPhone.


Open the General tab and tap on Restore iPhone.

Click on Finder to back up your iPhone before you restore.

Tap on the Restore button to confirm your process of restoring your iPhone backup.


Method 3: Use iTunes to Restore Permanently Deleted Photos on iPhone

You can restore your permanently deleted photos using iTunes backup by following the given steps;

Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer.


Open the iTunes app on your PC to select the iPhone icon from the top-left corner.

Select the Summary tab from the Sidebar and click to open it.

Open the Backups section to select the Restore Backup button.

Select your required backup version and click on the Restore button.


Wait for a few minutes, and backup will be completed.

Method 4: Use iCloud Backup to Restore Permanently Deleted Photos on iPhone

If deleted photos are not available on the Recently Deleted folder, don’t worry, you can restore your long-time deleted photos using iCloud backup. You may have a few problems while using the process i.e.

you have to save an iCloud backup before deleting your photos

Before retrieving your deleted photos from iCloud take a factory reset on your iPhone, otherwise, entire iPhone data will be lost.

Follow the given steps;

Open your iPhone’s Settings app, and tap on your name from the top of the screen.

Select iCloud Backup by clicking on iCloud, and confirm your last backup data.

The data should be before deleting photos. If it is as, well and good, you can move to retrieve your data.

Tap on the gear icon to open the Settings app.

Tap on the General tab and select Transfer or Reset iPhone.


Click on Erase all Settings & Contents, and start wiping to click on the Continue button. 

Turn off the phone, and enter the password while on prompting.


Set up your iPhone, and select the Restore from the iCloud Backup option.


Select the backup file and tap to ‘Continue’ button.

Method 5: Use Third-party Tool to restore your Deleted Photos on iPhone

If you want to quickly back of your deleted photos, you can get help from any third-party tool such as Disk Drill for the purpose. Follow the given steps;

Go to the official website of the Disk Drill and complete the download and installation process


Extract the .dmg file for dragging the Disk Drill app to the Application folder on the hard drive of Mac.

Connect the iPhone to the PC, and click on the Trust option, and insert the unlocking code.

Close programs on Mac such as iTunes, photos, etc.

Run Disk Drill by double-clicking it, and wait for completing the scanning process of Disk Drill.


Click on ‘Search for lost data’ while selecting the iPhone option.

It will launch the Recovery Procedure, and scan the entire of your device with deleted files that still exist on your device.  


Left the iPhone for some time, and let the tool analyze the possible recovery data.

Now Disk Drill will display all recovered files, and offers two methods to recover your photos;


Select the Photos folder while waiting to complete the final analysis of the thumbnails.

Choose your required photos for restoration.

Open the Recover section and select the directory where you want to recover your photos.

Click on the Recover option and start restoring your selected photos.

Method# 2

Tap on the ‘Show in Finder’ option.

Click OK to warning the pop-up of Disk Drill.

The recovered files start collected in the folder with the name ‘Recoverable’

Click on the Recoverable folder, open the directory Accessible Files and next click on DCIM.

Move to subfolders selecting your required photos.

Copy the photos in the finder.

Method 6: Restore Deleted Photos on iPhone on Windows

Dr. Fone by Wondershare is the best alternative to Disk Drill, in case you is unable of using a Disk Drill. Simply follow the given steps;

Download Dr.Fone, and install it by following the on-screen instructions.

Connect the iPhone with your PC using the USB cable.


Open Dr.Fone and click on the Recover iOS data option.

Click on the Start Scan option and let the tool detect the deleted photos.

Click on the list of options from the left to select Camera Roll, and preview the removed photos.

 Select your required photos detected by Dr.Fone, and click the Restore to Device button.


Method 7: Use a Messaging App to Restore Permanently Deleted Photos on the iPhone

Multiple messaging apps i.e. Whatsapp, Messenger, or even email attachments are the best and quickest way of sharing your photos and videos with your friends and families. All the apps have their own servers to save the content.

If your deleted photo has been shared via any of such apps, you can easily recover it from the app’s server. But one thing in mind, if the photo is compressed by the app, it will not in the original quality.

Method 8: Use Third-party Cloud Storage to Restore Permanently Deleted Photos on iPhone

Several third-party cloud storage services including Google Photos, OneDrive, or DropBox are available that enable you to recover permanently deleted photos on your iPhone. Keep in mind, your backup for the storage service is turned on, otherwise the restoring process wouldn’t be possible. We will take Google Photos cloud storage, simply follow the given steps.

Open the Google Photos app on your device, and type the Photo tab in the search bar.

Select Photos, and click on the Save to Device option.

Open the Camera Roll option on your iPhone, and check your saved photos.

How to Avoid iPhone Photo Loss in the Future

If you are one who has lost precious content in the form of photos, you surely want to avoid the frustrating situation in the future. So we will discuss some simple tricks for your ease to apply and save your photos and other important content from your device.

Create Backup for iPhone

Your phone must be registered with cloud storage i.e. iCloud which offers several ways of saving your content including backups to Apple’s cloud service storing photos, documents, and one of the most important Find My Phone.

Use Third-party Services

Mega, Google Photos, and other such services offers stunning features ‘backup to the backup’. It helps us to restore our photos even if you have deleted them from your iPhone and iCloud as well.

Protect your Device

Use an authentic password i.e. Touch ID or Face ID especially when your phone is used by your kids also. It is better not to give your device to kids, otherwise, they will wipe out your data from your device.

Avoid Jailbreaking of iPhone

No doubt, Jailbreaking is the best process for getting access to a large amount apps or other such content. But when you jailbreak your iPhone, the installed apps on your device have lost the restrictions imposed Apple, and it can cause of deleting your important data from your device.

Final Words

So friends, we have discussed multiple simple methods for your ease to recover your precious photos, if they are deleted from your device by mistake, or for other reasons. It is easy, not rocket science, so don’t panic, if you meet such an irritating situation. Apply some tricks and get back your photos.


Q: Is it possible to recover permanently deleted photos from the iPhone?

Yes, first of all, check your Recently Deleted folder in the Photos App, otherwise, use a data recovery tool such as Disk Drill to get back your photos.

Q: How to recover permanently deleted photos from iPhone 8?

Download and install Disk Drill third-party tool on your iPhone 8.
Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone 8 to your Mac.
Launch Disk Drill, and click on the Recover button to retrieve your lost data.

Q: How to recover permanently deleted photos from iPhone?

Download and install Disk Drill third-party tool on your iPhone 7.
Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone 7 with your Mac.
Launch Disk Drill, and click on the Recover button to retrieve your lost data.

Q: Where do the deleted photos go on the iPhone?

As soon as you delete a photo; it will go to the ‘Recently deleted folder that is available in the Photos App

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