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May 6, 2024 - KineMaster Corporation Free

KineMaster for PC amazing video editing tool on your big screen.

App NameKineMaster
DeveloperKineMaster Corporation
Latest Version7.4.10.32410.GP (32410)
Update May 6, 2024
Size148.4 MB
RequirementsWindows (7/10/11)

KineMaster is a user-friendly and versatile video editing tool that offers wonderful capabilities for professionals as well as novices. Basically, it is for Smartphones, but now you can use it for big screens along with the same features, as the developers are developing the Green KineMaster PC App. the basic version is freeware and offers multiple amazing editing tools. You can use the Pro version with a lot of additional features.

What is KineMaster?

KineMaster is one of the favorite professional video editing tools developed by KineMaster Corporation to save time, money, and energy. You can use it for Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac. You can download it from Google Play Store and other third-party app stores or websites. It is with 100 Million downloads in the fifth rank in global sales and has 4.4 ratings by users. it is updated by the team regularly to give you the latest functionality. 

You will find multiple APK apps including KineMaster PC, Green KineMaster, and others that are popular among users and are not made officially by Korean NextStreaming, as these are created by some other developers. KineMaster for PC is available with multiple extra features, images, transitions; voice envelops, assets, and so on. 

Are you in search of such an amazing video editing tool? You are in the right place, come and get a complete tutorial; on how to download, install, and use KineMaster on your big screen. We have tried our best to explain the entire details. 


Features of KineMaster

Multiple Advanced Tools

Avail of a plethora of tools for freeware editing your videos. Use the latest effects to edit videos with the help of multi-level texts, videos, and photos. Multiple advanced features i.e. personal sketches, writing, and editing tools to edit your videos within a few clicks. The support for classic options is for drawing the video over the other clips while showing a plethora of burns, overlays, and latest effects, and so on. 

Asset Store

Downloading multiple effects using layers of several other elements is possible. You are capable of organizing videos with the correct setting in a frame. All of this is available free of charge. You can download a wide range of stickers, fonts, videos, FX, transitions, and so on.

Live Preview

The feature housed on the left side panel is fantastic that makes your editing process fast within a few clicks. It enables the users to spot editing mistakes on time. Converting audio into a single piece, changing brightness, adjustable hue, intensity, contrast, and so on are possible flawlessly. 

Share Quickly

You can share your created masterpiece from any part of the world on any social media platform. You can select Facebook, YouTube, or any other app to share your content with your friends and other community. The support for multiple video formats i.e. MP4, MOV, 3GB, and so on makes your working flow smooth and reliable. 


You will find multiple features i.e. Time-Laps, slow motion, reverse videos, and so on. You are capable of exporting videos into several qualities including slow motion, reverse, and fast motion. 

High-quality Templates

Enjoy a lot of trending templates for your videos, swipe templates using the Max tab, and select any one for making your video attractive. The content can be shared as a video template for the entire world and you can share your videos on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms. 

Chroma Key

The key combines your green screen with other videos. In addition, it also provides Alpha mask, preview, and other multiple fine-tuning features to get positive results. You can remove the background using AI technology. All the process is simple and sharp. 

Multiple Adjustments

The adjusting of multiple elements i.e. contrast, brightness, saturation, hue, temperature, highlight, shadow, and the styles of footage helps you to improve your visual quality. Similarly, multiple editing features including pitch control, audio speed control, detailed volume envelop, reverberation, voice modulation, and so on are available for your convenience. 

Support for 4K

Support for 4K makes your importing as well as exporting a 4K 60 frames within moments from the PC version. It enables you to create UHD and FHD videos and GIFs as well. It requires a powerful PC as you can’t avail of the feature with a potato PC. You can edit up to 1080p with a PC with less than 8GB of RAM and lower than an Intel i5 processor. 

Record you’re Audios

Avail limitless audio assets as it makes it possible for you to record your own audio and add it to your videos. The addition of multiple layers of audio is possible without any limit. You can get access to a premium asset store for using a lot of sound effects to use in your videos. You need a microphone in case of using the app on your PC.

Multiple Editing Tools

Multiple editing tools i.e. trimming, cropping, merging, reversing, and adding layers are available for making your video editing process awesome. In fact, all basic editing tools help you to continue your workflow flawlessly. 

Intuitive Interface

The intuitive as well as user-friendly interface is very simply designed for the PC version. All the features and tools are arranged beautifully and easily accessible for users. 

Premium Effects

A plethora of premium effects i.e. transitions, stickers, font packs, GIFs, animations, and so are available in the PC version. You can’t find all these on your mobile version. In addition, you can reverse the video in your PC version in 60FPS and share them on any social media platform. 

How to Download and Install KineMaster for PC

We know, KineMaster is for Android and iOS devices, but here we will explain the process; of how to download and install KineMaster for PC. You need to follow the given instructions for getting professional-level editing skills;

  • First of all, download the BlueStacks app using the link below.
  • Select the option Windows or Mac as you want.
  • Double-click the downloaded file BlueStacks and start installation on your PC by following the on-screen instructions.
  • After completing the installation of the emulator, open it and launch it.
  • Open the app and you will find a taskbar on the top of the app for searching for other apps for installation on your system. 
  • Type the name of the app you required, select the app from the drop-down menu, and click it to start the installation process. 
  • The installation will start within a few seconds on your Windows or Mac operating system. 
  • Complete the installation process on BlueStacks and click on it to install it on your device. 

How to use KineMaster?

Here we are going to explain the working process of KineMaster. If you are interested, read the guide and follow the given instructions;

  • Complete the installation, open the app, and select the video or image that you want to edit.
  • You will find multiple options arranged on the main screen including adding multiple images, videos, and music.
  • On the right-hand side, four options i.e. media, audio, layer, and voice are available. 
  • Select the Media option for selecting videos or images to edit them.
  • The preview option will be on the left-hand side of the screen for editing the video/image. The length of video and audio timing is also available at the bottom of the screen
  • You can add music by clicking the audio option while selecting the music from your device.
  • Click on ‘Video Clip’ from the bottom of the screen to trim as well as join the video. You will find other options right on the left-side panel to apply.
  • You can use animation and transition options to make your video attractive and unique.
  • The real-time recording of audio and video is also possible with the app. 
  • You will ask to select video resolution before exporting to your device.
  • Now, you need to select the share option from the left-side menu.
  • You can share your content on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. 


Can I download KineMaster for Mac?

The official version of KineMaster is available for Android and iOS devices, but you can download it for Mac and PC using an Android emulator.

Is it possible to remove the watermark from KineMaster?

Unfortunately, the free version is not capable of removing watermarks from KineMaster. You need to purchase Pro version for the purpose. 

Is there any free trial version of KineMaster available for PC?

Yes, a trial version of KineMaster is available for PC, but it is including with watermark. 

What are the system requirements demanded by KineMaster for PC?

KineMaster for PC requires multiple requirements i.e. 
1. Minimum Windows 7, 4GB RAM, Intel i3 or higher CPU, and 2GB free storage on your device.
2. macOS X 10.12 or higher, 4GB RAM, Intel i3 or higher CPU, and 2GB free storage on your device. 

Is it possible to use KineMaster offline?

Yes, KineMaster can process without an internet connection. You only need network connectivity for downloading and installing the app and for purchasing the premium version as well. 

Final Words

So, friends, it is proven that KineMaster for PC is a full-fledged tool to enable users to create amazing content. We you understand all procedure well. Are you still thinking about downloading KineMaster without a watermark for PC? we hope it will immediately, but we wait for a little. 

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