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Mar 20, 2024 - Baidu Free

Pc App Store is Freeware App that is helping you install and updates a new app with just a single click

App NamePC App Store
Latest Version5.0.1.8682
UpdateMar 20, 2024
Size(22.17 MB)
RequirementsWindows (7/10/11)

PC App Store is designed by Chinese international giant Baidu for getting the latest apps with their updates for your Windows PC. Users are capable to get a quick and easy way of downloading the apps using the latest technology including the latest software for their PC. The basic purpose of the store is to provide apps for Windows computers and not for any other operating system. 

Google Play Store as we know the presentation of the big giant Google and have a big dominating share in the US and the rest of the World. App Store by Apple is another big store for downloading apps and games for iOS devices. The PC App Store by Baidu proves the best alternative of both these big wizards to offer limitless updated applications for Windows OS. Earlier, the digital world was also limited while offering few search engines and downloaders along with applications and games. We had limited choices, but currently, the digital world has revolutionized and you will find limitless choices for any purpose. 

Likewise, several app stores are available and developed by third parties such as Uptodown, Softonic, etc.  You can get a lot of advantages from such app stores such as access to different apps, games, weather reports, information, personalization, transportation, entertainment, and a lot of amazing features. 


What is Baidu PC App Store?

Baidu PC App Store is a big platform for providing apps from China’s search engines. Earlier, people outside of China have to use different third-parties app stores for accessing to Baidu apps. It was a time-consuming as well as frustrating process. The publishing of the Baidu App Store enables a big business organization to earn a lot of revenue and fame, as a lot of big corporations are investing in Baidu, for example, it is used as a natural extension of the iPhone and apple iPhone. 

Moreover, you will find a rich user experience and high-quality content along with an integrated environment. It offers an auto-scanning process for updating the outdated software of your PC and informs you about what software is in need of updating. The app is completely safe and secure for you to input your credit card information for getting paid apps. 

Simple & Categorized Interface

The interface is easy to use with clear elements and categories. It is easily navigated for finding your required apps or games. You will find an exclusive search bar for facilitating the users to gain everything they love. The interactive interface is categorized into four main sections;

  1. Hot Apps: the section is including with the apps that are downloaded frequently from the Play Store.
  2. Games: the section offers limitless game titles in the Chinese version. You will find a wide variety of games for PC to download and enjoy.
  3. Wallpapers: the app store offers a great collection of wallpapers while scraping using different sources. You are capable of selecting your preferred one. 
  4. Update: the update section notifies you to about any new updates for your old apps to make them new and fresh. 

Features of the Baidu PC App Store

Limitless Free Downloading

The app store is one of the big platforms to offer limitless apps and games for you. The content is easily browsed using the home screen, as it is categorized into multiple categories i.e. Audio, Video, Tools, Internet, Games, Security, and so on. 

Interactive Search Engine

The easy as well as effective search engine gives you easy access to your favorite apps and games. The built-in download manager manages the direct links offered by the Baidu Store. You will find the play store as perfect in functionality as other such platforms like Google. 

Built-in Tools

The built-in tools enable the users to manage their library while keeping an eye on the installed app, so get their updates on time and use them reliably. It offers a log of the actions of users for keeping their activities on the tool on track. You are capable of organizing your PC while working in the background. It takes checks on the installed apps on your PC and security scans for the safety of your device. You also find an uninstaller for removing unwanted apps from your PC and clearing a lot of storage for your PC.

Fool-proof Security

You can download the content from the play store reliably without any threat of viruses and malware. The app store allows credible apps and games, so the users do have not to face any interference of malicious content. Similarly, you can enter your credit card details in the play store for purchasing paid apps and for other purposes.

Auto-scanning Process

The app store is equipped with an auto-scanning feature. It scans the outdated apps on your PC and gives you access to the ‘Update’ option to update these out-of-date apps. 

Download the Chinese Access Version

You will find multiple online Chinese apps and games most favorite and used by millions of users around the world. PUBG is one of them that can be easily downloaded as well as updated from the Baidu Play Store. 

Download Manager

Get fast and easy downloading processes using the in-built download manager. It boosts the speed of downloading while preventing the interference of unwanted errors. So make your installation process smooth and reliable with the assistance of the play store.

Clean your Storage

The freeware app serves the users without any charges. It enables you to download most apps and games for free. PC App Store also offers a changelog feature for removing unnecessary content to make your storage free for some other important apps and games. It also informs you about newly updated apps also. 

Fantastic Wallpapers

Avail of a great variety of wallpapers for your PC. The wallpapers are available in different sizes that can be easily fitted to your device. The play store has the ability to scrap the wallpapers collected from other sites and offers limitless wallpapers for you. 

System Updates

The play store enhances the user experience by taking changes into your system from time to time. It helps you to improve the stability of your layout and offers new releases for it. 

Multiple Language Support

You can download the apps in any language you understand. The feature helps you to use the app reliably without any complexity of language. You can change the language from the Settings option. 

Sync with Mobile

The app has the ability to sync with mobile devices to help you download apps for your mobile also. In addition, you can read reviews of other users before downloading any app and it also has a sharing option for connecting to your friends and family. You can also get discounted apps with the help of special offers.


How to Download and Install Baidu PC Play Store?

The PC Play Store is available for all types of Windows i.e. Windows 7-10 and Windows 11. You can download it easily by following the given steps;

  • Download the PC APP Store Click to download the above button.
  • This is a Virus Free “.exe” File.
  • Click to Install App.
  • After installing. you see a software portal icon.
  • Click to open it.
  • Now you can download any software and install it easily on your pc.


  • It offers a huge variety of apps and games completely safe from interference of any viruses, malware, and malicious content.
  • The app store is lightweight and freeware.
  • The interactive interface is including with four main sections.
  • Fast and safe downloading process.
  • It is used by millions of users around the world.
  • Multi-language support.


  • Multiple apps and games are available in Chinese.
  • The stability is low as compared to other app stores.


Is the PC App Store available for Windows 10?

The PC App Store is available for all types of Windows from Windows 7 to Windows 11.

Is Baidu PC App Store safe and secure?

The app offers a foolproof safe process for downloading apps and games. 

What is Baidu PC App Store?

Baidu PC App Store is an official app store for China and other areas where the Chinese language is spoken. But you can use it around the world.

Is the PC App Store available in other languages?

Yes, the app store supports multiple languages i.e. Chinese, English, etc.

What is the biggest search engine in China?

Baidu is the biggest search engine in China.

Final Words

All-in-all, the PC App Store is the best option among the third-party products to enable you downloads apps, games, and other such material. You can manage your activities in the tool to keep on track and organize your files as well. No doubt, it is not as polished as Google App Store or App Store, but you can run it reliably on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating system

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