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Enjoy multiple Social Features offered by Facebook for PC on the big screen

App NameFacebook
DeveloperFacebook, Inc
Latest Version460.
UpdateApril 15, 2024
Size134.2 MB
RequirementsWindows (7/10/11)

Facebook is one of the most famous social media networks for bringing people together around the world. The group of developers has created an optimized version of Facebook for Windows 10 capabilities. It enables you to stay in touch with your loved ones, share media files, enjoy direct messaging, and enhance your friend list. The app is used by 2 billion people, and offers fantastic innovation in social networks with the addition of multiple advanced features and streamlining. 

What is Facebook for PC?

Facebook belongs to the family of pioneer applications. Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg published it in 2003, maybe the first app that was used by a big community at once, and it was offered commercially for all users over the age of 13 from 2006. As a pioneer app, it introduces multiple social media fields by creating the modern codes of social media and acquires popular apps including Whatsapp and Instagram. It is available for Android and PC and created its own messenger service, hosted game shows, original scripted shows, live streaming, and so on.  

Headquarters of Facebook all available around the world along with the facility of connecting people using pages to grow business and follow celebrities and other popular people. Are you in search of knowledge about the downloading and installing process of Facebook for PC? You are on the right, as we have explained the entire process with the Link to the Facebook PC version because most of your favorite apps are missing on Play Store. Please read the entire article before going to use the technical specifications of the app and know about the different ways of downloading Facebook on your PC


Features of Facebook PC

Intuitive Interface

Unlike other social media apps, you need not install the Android version, instead create a new account or use any existing account to log in. the main screen is very simple, and you can edit the profile by uploading your picture. Browsing previous pictures is quite easy, have look at your timeline, comment on the post of your friends, share your pictures, find your friends, and all other activities are quite easy. Upload your photos or images on your story, set the location, and use multiple mesmerizing emojis for your chatting.   

Compatibility with Mobile

No doubt, the PC version of the app is very simple and easy, but you can use it for touchscreen devices. It is also an amazing experience; expand the screen by clicking on the sidebar, and find news feeds and messages.  

Online Games

Enjoy multiple online games offered by Facebook on the big screen. A big collection of online games is waiting for you to select i.e. arcade, puzzle, adventure action, strategy games, and so on. You can search for other online games also using the search bar option. 

Activity Log

Activity Log is another fantastic feature to inform you about your previous activities in the app. you can make changes in privacy settings such as selecting people who can see your profile, tag you, or send friend requests. 

Share your Content

 You can share your favorite photos, images, videos, GIFs, and other such material on your timeline. You can upload a post and tag your friends to stay connected with them. The app offers a ‘Story’ option for updating your status on daily basis, as it disappears after 24 hours. 

Get Notified

Enable the ‘Notification’ option and get about activities done by your friends on time. You do need not to log in all time, as you can get notifications on your desktop whenever a new update is occurred such as someone commenting or liking your post, a new post uploaded by your friends, a friend request, or event invitations as well.

Enhance your Friend List

As we know, Facebook is the pioneer application that has together the international community on one platform. You will find multiple friend requests from different parts of the world. Likewise, you can also send friend requests to multiple people from any part of the world and enhance your community without any distractions from the region. 

Integrated with Messenger

You are capable of sending and receiving DM to your friends using the integrated app ‘Messenger’. Simply click the ‘Messenger’ sign on the top of the app, and get access to your chatting page. Tap the friend’s name or ID and start private chatting with your friend. It is fool-proof secure and safe from any type of interference from anyone to your chatting. 

Manage Multiple Events

An auto-creation of a group is possible with the app if you want to organize any event. It helps you to invite your friends and share information related to the event with participants easily. It is quite convenient to explain everything using your chat option and organize the event on large scale easily. 

Live Streaming

You are capable of live streaming according to any special event or business matter using external material i.e. camera, streaming software, and other encoding devices. 

Dark Mode

The dark mode gives a unique and stylish look to your interface. It gives relief to your eyes also. Simply, click on the arrow at the top right of the screen and select ‘Switch to New Facebook’, next select ‘Dark mode’ from the appeared prompt on your screen. It can easily be changed anytime you want. 

Support Multiple Languages

The app handles a large community of the world, and we can make friends belonging to any country and language. So, we need to understand their language. It is possible with the app to translate any language you like. It supports up to 100 languages and enables us to select any language we like.

Fool-proof Privacy

Simply, go to your ‘Settings’ of the app and adjust your privacy settings i.e. hide your friend list, pages you follow, and who can see your profile and story, etc. it is also possible to block any unwanted friends or delete him/her from your friend list. 

Create Groups and pages

Facebook is one of the most powerful places to manage your business or other entertaining matters. It enables you to create groups or pages and invite your friends to add them. You can use the groups or pages to show your services and other capabilities. You can enhance your business while offering your products on the platform and attracting a lot of customers. 

Audio/Video Calls

You are capable of using the app for audio/video calls. It offers both types of calls; group and one-on-one calling options. It makes you reliable to explain your products and services to your customers easily instead of chatting on Messenger. 


How to Download and Install Facebook for PC

Facebook is heavy in size and requires a large space on the local storage of your device. So you need a Direct9-capable GPU card and 2GB free memory to install the app. in addition, you also allow it for multiple permissions such as location detection, webcam, microphone, Windows contacts, internet access, Calendar info, appointments, picture library, video library, and so on. It can be handled using the keyboard, mouse, and touch interface for Windows users. 

Installation Guide

You can download and install the app using an Android emulator such as BlueStacks. Here we are discussing the entire installation process, read thoroughly, and start using the app on the big screen. Simply, follow the given steps;

  • Install BlueStacks on your PC. 
  • On completing the installation process, launch the app, and go to the main screen.
  • On the main screen click on the ‘My Apps’ button.
  • Type the name of Facebook on the search bar and press Enter.
  • Select Facebook from the list of apps.
  • Go to Google Play Store using BlueStacks and log in to it using your Google Account.
  • Open Facebook on the Play Store and click the ‘Install’ button to start the installation process.
  • The installation will be complete within a few minutes that depend on your internet connection. 
  • On completing the installation process, launch the app, and log in using your personal information i.e. first name, last name, mobile number, email address, and an authentic password.

How to Install Facebook for Windows 11

  • Open your device and install Windows Subsystem for Android.
  • On completing the installation process, go ahead and install Google Play Store for Windows 11.
  • Open Play Store; search Facebook using the search bar.
  • Select Facebook from the given results and start to install it by following the on-screen instructions. 


  • Conduct with a large community of the entire world
  • Sleek and stylish interface 
  • DM integration
  • Create groups, and pages, and organize events


  • Lack of privacy settings
  • Changing Settings is limited
  • Frequent delivery of notifications


Is Facebook for PC a safe application?

Facebook conducts with a large community around the world. There is chance of collecting of your personal data by the app, so it is better to be careful about sharing of personal information. 

Can I download Facebook Lite for PC?

Yes, the app is available for PC using an Android emulator. 

How to fix the not working position of the app on PC?

In case, you need to check a healthy internet connection, clear cache, disable extensions of third-party, and finally try it on a different web browser. 

How much do I have to pay to download Facebook for Windows 10?

The app is free of charge to download and use for your Windows 10.

Can I use the Windows 10 version on any other Windows?

Yes, it is applicable for all types of Windows i.e. 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP on both 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems.

Final Words

So friends, we hope you understand the entire Facebook for PC downloading and installing process. It is simple and easy to use without any extra technical skill. You can access it easily and enjoy all the features on the big screen along with the integration of Messenger. 

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