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Jul 2, 2023 - SuperSoftTech Freeware

Free VPN is the best platform to offer fool-proof security for your internet activities

App Namefree VPN
Latest Version2.8.4
UpdateJul 2, 2023
Size(11.79 MB)
License Freeware
RequirementsWindows (7/10/11)

Free VPN is fast, quick, and secure way of accessing to any of your favorite content that is blocked in your area. It offers a complete safe, private and anonymous web surfing while masking your personal identity and other personal information. You can easily bypass the internet restrictions, firewall of school or office, and other such activities plan by your government.


Free VPN Features

Protect your IP Address

Soon as, you are connected with VPN, it changes your IP address as you select from the given list of servers in the VPN. So, conceal your real identity, and offers online anonymity for your Windows PC.

High-class Security

Easily protect your sensitive data with the support of strong encryption algorithm AES-256. It will save your web traffic from prying eyes, hackers, and other such cyber attacks. Moreover, the use of Kill Switch gives a fool-proof security to your private data, in case of disconnecting of your VPN. It will stop your Windows to go online during your VPN disconnection, even your internet is turn on.

Access to Streaming Media


Dedication of multiple Streaming servers from the free VPN gives the users an easy access to big media libraries including Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ESPN+, and HBO Now. Download the VPN, and enjoy your favorite TV shows, TV series, and so on.

Avoid Cyber Attacks


Make sure your online data and other such activities are saving as the VPN is the best option to save it from cyber attacks. Simply, on your desktop Windows, enable the ‘Run on Startup’ feature, and it will establish the VPN automatically, soon as your Windows turn on.

Fast Speed

free vpn-5

The use of VPN enhances the performance of your device and offers a fast speed network connection. You will find a quick downloading process, quick access to any of your favorite content, and so on.

Avoid Geo-graphical Restrictions

You are capable of freely browsing any type of content you want, as the VPN helps to bypass any type of geo-graphical restrictions. No matter, from which country you belong and what type of strong censorship you are facing. Similarly, save your search history from ISP and other such unauthorized resources.

How to Download Free VPN on PC

You need to follow the given steps to download Free VPN for Windows;

  • Click ‘Download’ button given above on the page.
  • Wait for completing the downloading of .exe file of Free VPN.
  • Extract downloaded .exe file, click to open it.
  • Run the Free VPN installer.
  • Click ‘Install’ button, and you are directed to the Free VPN Setup window.
  • Select your file type i.e. 32-bit, or 64-bit.
  • Wait for completing the installation process, and move to your anonymous online browsing for accessing to your favorite content.

Final Words

So friends, a VPN is the best solution for access to any of blocked website or region in your country. You can use it for multiple purposes specifically for bypassing the geo-graphical restrictions and firewall of school or any working place.


Q: Why we use a VPN for PC?

A VPN helps us to protect our personal data during our online browsing. It protects our privacy and stops cyber attacks.

Q: Does Windows 10 have a built-in VPN service?

Both Windows and Windows 11 have built-in VPN service for connecting any third-party VPN with your system.

Q: Can I get complete gaming feature using free VPN?

It also necessary, but you also need limitless bandwidth, high speed, and strong security for the purpose also.

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