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May 14, 2024 - OGWhatsapp Freeware

Instant messaging app with multiple innovative features enhances the chat experience a lot

App NameOG Whatsapp
Latest Version2.24.6.77 (2147483647)
UpdateMay 14, 2024
Size 72.1 MB
RequirementsWindows (7/10/11)

OG Whatsapp for PC is a tailored Android app to offer all innovative features on big screen. It satisfies the Whatsapp users entirely while offering a little extra that is available on the official app. It is an Android device, but you can use an Android emulator such as BlueStacks to run it on your PC.

Two major third-party developers have developed versions of OG Whatsapp;

  1. AlexMods offered the OG Whatsapp with multiple innovative features to enhance the Whatsapp functionality.
  2. HeyMods also developed their own version for OG Whatsapp.

OG Whatsapp for PC Features

OG Themes & Fonts

Large variety of themes allows you to select your favorite theme for background and enhance your individualization on a messaging platform. Different unique font styles and typefaces are for tailoring your app and give it an aesthetic look.

Use of Stickers

Make your messages energetic and lively using the amazing stickers and emojis. It will make your chat attractive and offers a reliable way of expressing your feelings.

In-built Lock

An in-built lock system is available to offer an extra layer of safety for your messages and media files. It helps you to prevent unauthorized access to your chat screen. You have the options to select your favorite locker i.e. fingerprint, or passcode.

DND Mode

If you are not in position of replying the messages of your friends, or their calls, OG Whatsapp gives the best solution while offering the DND Mode (Do Not Disturb). It will disconnect your network connection only for your Whatsapp, and prevent phone calls and delivery messages for your app.

Hide Photo Gallery

If you don’t want that you’re photos, videos, or other critical data received on Whatsapp go to your phone’s gallery. Simply go to Settings of the app, and disable the ‘Media Visibility’ option. It will prevent the received content from going to your gallery.

Message Scheduler

Are you in dilemma of sending your messages on time, and feel sorry after the time is over. Enjoy the amazing feature of OG Whatsapp, simply compose your message, set date and time, and forget all about, as the message will be delivered on time automatically. It is the best feature for sending birthday wishes, reminders, or critical on time messages.

Block Unwanted Calls

If some of your friends irritate you while calling all time, and interrupt your daily important online activities. Solution is here, simply go to Settings app, and scroll down to select ‘Block Unwanted Calls’ and select the contacts from the list to block them.


Hide Blue Ticks

If you are in mood to reply some of your friends, you have the option to ‘Hide Blue Ticks’ from Settings option. It will help you to read the message without showing blue ticks for your sender. The blue ticks will be appeared on your sender screen, when you reply the message.

Hide Last Seen

It is an amazing feature to help you use Whatsapp like a ghost, and no one can know about your presence on Whatsapp. Likewise, you have the option to ‘Always Online’ that will give an impression of your online availability. It is the best option for the people who deal with a lot of clients or customers.   

Seamless Media Sharing

Unlike official app, you have the option to share your photos, images, videos, and other documents with any size limit. No need of compressing the files, and maintain the media quality and resolution

Support Multiple Languages

Avail a flexible user-friendly experience while select the language you understand very well. It will help you to communicate reliably all around the world.

Call to Unsaved Numbers

On official app, you can only make a call, or send a message to person who is added in your contact list. It creates difficulty sometimes, especially, when you want to contact a stranger on temporary basis, and don’t want to save the number in your contact list. OG Whatsapp makes you easy while enabling you to make call or send messages without saving the number in your contact list.

Anti-Delete Option

Sometimes our contacts send a message, or upload a status, and immediately delete before we view it. It makes us curious, so OG Whatsapp offers the anti-delete option for the purpose. You are capable of viewing the deleted messages as well.

Backup & Restore

OG Whatsapp gives a fool-proof backup and restores option for the security of your important messages. In case of switching phones, users mostly shed the important data, but on OG Whatsapp, it is possible to restore all of your conversation plus media files easily.

How to Download OG Whatsapp on PC

  • Click ‘Download’ button given above on the page.
  • Wait for completing the downloading of .exe file of OG Whatsapp.
  • Extract downloaded .exe file, click to open it.
  • Run the OG Whatsapp installer.
  • Click ‘Install’ button, and you are directed to the OG Whatsapp Setup window.
  • Select your file type i.e. 32-bit, or 64-bit.
  • Wait for completing the installation process.
  • Use your phone number to verify your account, and get an enhanced chatting experience.

How to Download OG Whatsapp using BlueStacks

  • Launch your web browser, and visit the BlueStacks website.
  • Click on the Download button from the download page.
  • Click on the .exe file, and select the ‘Yes’ option for the pop-up with the suggestion of making changes on your device.
  • It will download the suitable app version on your PC.
  • After downloading, wait to complete the auto-installation process.
  • Click on the icon to launch BlueStacks on your system.
  • Use your Google Account and log in to the app.
  • Type the name of the app in the search box, and select it from the result, open it, and click on the Install option.
  • Complete the installation process, and use Whatsapp account to log in to the app.

Bottom Lines

All-in-all, OG Whatsapp as a modified version of Whatsapp offers a lot of innovative features related to your app’s personalization and privacy. You can make your app more reliable and fool-proof according to your requirements. It is the best solution to avail privacy and security features in the way you like.


Q: Can I use OG Whatsapp as a dual account?

Yes, the app offers dual account functionality for the ease of users to use two Whatsapp on a device simultaneously.

Q: Is OG Whatsapp safe to use?

Yes, the anti-ban quality of OG Whatsapp makes it a 100% safe and secure app.

Q: How to update OG Whatsapp?

It is a third-party app and isn’t available on the Google Play Store, so you need to go for an authentic website to download and update it.

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