Latest Apps


Windows 11

Windows was released on October 5, 2021, as the latest upgrade by Microsoft. It deals with multiple new innovative changes since its debut such as the Start menu, a centered Taskbar, etc. with a gradual



uTorrent for PC is a lightweight P2P file-sharing platform with smart and fast downloading of torrent files. It is integrated with uT protocol and available for uTorrent Web, Windows, Mac, and Android. Most of us

CapCut-1 .1


CapCut is feature-pack video-editing app developed by Bytedance Pte. Ltd. It is basically designed for Android devices to create audio/video material while adding Clips, Trimming Clips, Adjusting Values, Adding music, Adding Stickers, and so on.


Windows 10

Windows 10 is one of the latest Microsoft Windows versions that you can use for desktop PCs, tablets, etc. It was published on July 10 2015 as a predecessor of Windows 8 and the successor


Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox as an open-source web browser is one of the fastest platform. It was launched in 2004 as a challenger for Microsoft Internet Explorer, and become the top three most popular web browsers around


Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Download for PC is standalone app used for private messaging on Facebook. The app was launched by Facebook Inc in 2010 for Androids and iOS devices. Send and receive messages in form of



Gmail Download for PC is the official app from Google for composing and receiving your messages instantly. Receive your messages through notifications, read, and reply online and offline.  Manage multiple accounts, group discussion, bookmarking, and



Windows 7 is one of the earlier Windows versions. The manufacturing release date of Windows 7 was July 22, 2009, and the release date for the public was October 22, 2009. The predecessor of Windows



WinRAR is powerful software for managing archive and compressing files. You can use the tool for transferring, sharing, and archiving large while compressing them into .rar or zip formats. It supports 50 languages for both

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the top-use web browser with great settings, information, and cookies management are the main built-in tools to make the browser safe and secure. The lightweight browser offers a hassle-free service to open


Google Play Store

Google Play Store is the big giant of delivering content for safe downloading. It is basically an Android app store and offers a completely safe process for your device to get any type of content



QuickShortcutMaker is a cross-platform that is used for creating shortcuts of the software installed on your device, no matter it is an Android, Windows, tablet, laptop, etc. it helps to pick any of your required


Google Input Tools

Google Input Tools works as an extension to support a quick switching process between multiple languages while using the Latin keyboard. It supports more than 90 languages and is integrated with all devices that have



Rufus was a lightweight and freeware software developed by Pete Batard. You can use it for creating the bootable USB flash drive that allows you to start a system directly on a bare system. It


Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft launched Microsoft Outlook in 1997 as a part of Microsoft Office 97. It uses Microsoft Exchange Server email for sending and receiving emails, and providing other related features i.e. access to contact, email calendar,



CCleaner Download for PC offers a quick way to remove all types of registries from your devices. Piriform was developed to clear your cache, browser history, clipboard data, and call logs, and boost the performance


Sonma Typing Expert

Sonma Typing Expert very authentic freeware software provides limitless services for an enhanced typing speed and accuracy. It is available for English and Hindi language specifically designed for students to specify their capabilities in language.


Top Follow for PC

Top Follow offers are great for getting limitless followers for your Instagram account. On Instagram, it is a difficult task to enhance the popularity via original followers. It is a difficult and long-term period, but



Are you fed up with Appleā€™s restrictions and want to bypass them; 3uTools is here for your ease. It offers both types of services i.e. manage your data and work as a Jailbreaking tool. It


Imo Messenger for PC

Imo Messenger for PC is one of the lightweight and instant messaging apps to send and receive your messages. It also offers calling services as well; you can make audio or even video calls to



Photoshop is powerful software to offer services from photo editing to digital painting, animation, and graphic design. We can say it is a family of product while offering an ultimate playground to bring out the


Cannon LBP2900 Printer Driver

Cannon Inc. offers a Cannon LBP2900 printer driver as a part of a series of desktop printers. It is a freeware laser utility to offers high-quality printers while recognizing and communicating with your printers flawlessly.


Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite for PC is a web-based version for using the app on your PC. We know, Facebook is specifically an Android and iOS application. It is a heavy app that consumes a lot of



Instagram for PC is an incredible social media app to share your photos and videos with the limitation of contacts. You can share your content publicly as well as just with your friends and family


Microsoft Office Download Free

The big giant Microsoft offers MS Office is a feature pack suite of productivity apps to fulfill your business and educational matters. It is one of the oldest apps that were released in 90s, and


VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is powerful player for playing audio/video files on any of your device. It is freeware and allows the users to launch several media types i.e. devices, discs, files, and streams. The support


aTube Catcher Mac Download Free

aTube Catcher is a freeware video downloader and video converter that supports all portable devices. You can use the app for multiple purposes such as downloading videos, recording snapshots, supporting multiple formats, converting videos, burning